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Affordable Shared Hosting Services

Shared Linux hosting services for small business

Economy Linux Hosting

500MB storage
Unlimited Bandwidth


PHP 5.5 is currently supported

24/7/365 support

Support is available all the time. Even on holidays

Site Migration

We will move your site from your current host for you
Note: only PHP and HTML supported

Site Creation

Need to have your site built?
Our Design and Hosting package
includes creation and deployment of one
3-page site.

Routine Site Maintenance

Available on an hourly or monthly basis.


Taking Advantages of cloud Platform

Perfect for small Companies

Deciding on a hosting plan can be overwhelming and confusing!

We can answer all your questions honestly, and provide the best solution for your needs

Designed for Small Companies

Don't have a site yet?

No problem!

We will work with you to build a custom site.

We have a collection of fully functional templates to choose from. All are mobile and SEO friendly and customizable.


Fully Featured

Linux hosting, PHP, MySQL

Lots of space

Lots of bandwidth too

24x7 support

Always available for help

We'll make it easy

No need to be an expert

Free account migration

We will move everything for you

99% uptime

Committed to reliability

What is shared hosting?

Good question

Shared hosting is a common type of web hosting, where the service provider hosts many websites on one physical web server. Since most websites don't use many server resources, shared hosting lets providers offer stable service at a low cost. Most web hosts provide some form of shared hosting.

Shared Web Hosting Tips

Shared hosting is worldwide popular. But is it your choice? To answer this question, you have to know what you will benefit from shared hosting and what problems you will encounter.

Advantages of shared hosting:

  • Low prices this is one of main advantages differentiating shared hosting with VPS and dedicated servers. In general, shared hosting requires only several dollars, our plans start at 3.99/mo. So even individuals can afford shared hosting and create sites.
  • Low technical requirements going with shared hosting, you need not to administrate and maintain servers. Instead, we will do that for you.
  • Fast setup in most cases, we can have your site up and running on our servers in a few hours; usually much faster!

Drawbacks of shared hosting:

  • A lower level of security shared servers are liable to be attacked by hackers. And since you share a server with others, your websites could be affected if some account on your server suffers a malicious activity.
  • Performance compared to VPS and dedicated server with separate hosting environment, shared hosting requires people to share many things. As a result, websites in a same server could affect each other.

Overall, advantages of shared hosting outweigh disadvantages, making it still the option of a majority of customers worldwide.

It should be noted that we have a zero tolerance for malicious activity of any kind. Security is a top priority for us!

No need to be an expert

Many services offer hosting, but in most cases, they leave you to your own devices. This is fine, if you know what to do. Our service is catered to businesses that would like that burden handled by someone else.

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