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Affiliate Program Terms

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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 12/27/2020

This Terms and Conditions section is not intended to be legally binding. It's more of an explanation of what it is that we are selling, and what you can earn for yourself in making sales.

Explanation of the program

The purpose of this program is finding new customers for We are using this affiliate program to not only find new business, but to give others the opportunity to benefit as well.

You will need to create an Affiliate Account, and verify that account to get started. After that, all you need to do is send people here to sign up for hosting services. Anyone that signs up using your affiliate code will earn you 10% (rounded down to the US Dollar).

Assets are available in the form of text links and banner ads, that you can use on your blogs, emails, your own websites, billboards, t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, tattoos, blimps, or any other form of promotion which you have access.

What qualifies as a sale?

There are 3 services that qualify:

Design and Hosting$299$29
Monthly Maintenance$50$5
Normal Hosting by Year ($4.99/mn)$59.88$6

The short term hosting plan does not qualify.

Only new customers qualify. Only one commission is paid per sale. All payments are subject to review and our discretion. Any attempt to earn commissions on sales that didn't occur or don't qualify will result in an immediate ban of your account, and you will surrender any unpaid funds.


Payments are made through PayPal. You will need to have an active PayPal account in order to get paid.
If PayPal is simply not an option, we can also pay using cryptocurrency. Considering how volatile that form of currency is, and how difficult it is to reliably verify transactions, this is something we would rather avoid unless there is a very good reason for it.

Payments are made by request. We will track your referrals, and you will have access to that data as well. At any time, you can request a payout, and we will provide that in less than 24 hours.

Payouts must be manually verified by an actual human - that rarest of things in today's world. But this shouldn't be surprising, because this company is actually run by actual humans, and not a bunch of automated systems. So when we say "24 hours" we mean it. Because an actual person will get the request, verify it, and facilitate the payment.

What if You Need Help?

As we mentioned above, this company is run by people. People who are on and monitoring the services at all times. Requests for assistance can usually be managed in just a few hours in most cases.