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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully this will answer all your questions...

What is the service that we provide?

Often times when we come across new customers that want to have a web presence, and don't know what to do, we step in to help. Previously, we would help them set up their own hosting account with GoDaddy, or one of the many other hosting services.

Even with the most economical service plans they offer, it's still too expensive, and offer WAY more than most of our customers can make practical use of. Since we are the ones maintaining everything for these customers anyway, we determined there was a better way to handle this.

So we have expanded to offer hosting services of our own. We have an even better level of control over all of our customer's sites, because they are all in one place. And we can offer prices that are usually about 50% less than what they would otherwise be paying for the exact same service. In fact, the servers ARE the same. It's just that we have control over the environments.

What about SSL? What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is included with all sites. You will see a little green lock and that your site is secure.

SSL certificates are pretty much an absolute necessity nowadays. Google rankings depend on it. People feel much safer knowing that the site they are looking at is verified to be what it says. Plus, all information traded between the browser and the server is secured.

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system is just what it sounds like. It's a system that let's you manage your own content without having to modify the code.

Over the years, we have been developing this system for our own purposes to make it easier for US to manage the content on the sites we host. They have been refined well enough that they are now suitable for consumer release. Meaning that you can have access to the CMS utilities and have some level of control over your content.

This is not to be confused with other, larger systems like Wix or Wordpress, where the entire site is literally served up from a database. Our CMS is more localized and specific to individual pages and modules. When a site moves to our servers, we can integrate the system into it without changing how your site looks or behaves at all.

How do we get started?

The two services we offer essentially come down to hosting your site and creating/hosting your site. The only real difference is whether you already have a site, or you need one created.

If you have a site already, you will need to point your domain DNS entries to our servers, and provide the files for us to upload.

If you don't have anything at all, we will need to meet to discuss all the steps necessary to get you up and running.
In short, you will need:

Will I have FTP access to the server?

Yes. FTP is your access to the files that make up your site. If you are planning on maintaining the code for your site, you will need this.

How does this work?

Once you are set up with hosting, we Will set up your environment. If we have all the necessary information, this can be done on the same business day, in most cases. It is up to you to provide the files for the site. That is, unless we are building your site for you.
Once your hosting is set up, it will remain active until the term expires.

Where is the hosting located - what kind of servers?

The data centers are in North America. Hosting is on a shared hosting server over which we have control. Thousands of other sites share the server space. The upshot of the shared environment is that everyone pays less.

We use Linux for all environments, so the supported server-side language is PHP. The server environments currently handle up to PHP 5.5. The current industry standard is slowly changing over to 7.0. We have not upgraded our servers yet, and don't intend to do so until that version has been around a good while longer.

We do not support classic ASP, .Net or other Windows languages. Those languages use a different type of server environment than what we offer.

We also do not offer large framework support like Wordpress. If you are looking for a host to support something like that, we recommend looking for alternatives to our service.

This is not to say that it is not possible to still host your site. We can translate your site to PHP, and maintain it's entire look and feel.

What if I need to make changes to my site?

We offer a maintenance plan for $50.00 a month. With this plan, any and all changes and requests will be made by us, usually within 24 hours - unless the changes are too complicated or extensive. We will always keep you informed.

We can also handle content changes to your site paid on an hourly basis. $40/hr - minimum one hour. Estimates are always available, if you have a lot of changes to make and are not on a monthly plan

We offer a custom content management system to help make some small changes and updates without having to modify the code.

We also offer FTP access to your files. In that case, you can make changes yourself and upload them to the server.