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Privacy Statement

Last updated: 01/12/2020

We care about your privacy

Information gathered by this site is used only for the purpose of maintaining user accounts and to customize the website experience.

Emails sent out by this site are only sent to email addresses that have opted in. Each email includes easy instructions for opting out of future emails.

Payments are made through 3rd party vendors. Specifically, Square and/or PayPal. They have their own policies concerning privacy. So if you have concerns, you may have to check with them. The only information they share with us is a confirmation code from a sale.

More information

The only other information gathered by this site is simple page hit counters, and typical Google Analytics. Nothing any more specific than that. No other information is saved, logged, shared, or otherwise distributed. Contact information sent via the Contact page is sent to a private email address, and written to the local database. Other than that, no information will be sold, saved, logged, or otherwise distributed.