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Fully Functional Templates

Last updated: 11/07/2019

Here are a few fully functional sites to use as templates for your own

The first step in building a site (after you know what you want to put on it), is how the site will look and feel. Here are some good starting ideas for you.

Each of these templates has been used for a number of different sites. Each has their use and function. They range from really simple, to not so simple. The idea is that each is easily repurposed and customizable. They are 100% responsive and mobile ready, and very flexible in design.

Personal Blog
I wanted a blog for the COVID-19 shut in. It was easy to create because 90% of it was already written as part of my CMS.
The name describes it well. Each box is its own module.
Single Page
Perfect for advertising a particular product, like a new app.
Green Theme
Doesn't really need to be green. It's currently in use by 2 clients. And those two are very different businesses.
Very Popular
Most popular template. Used by a few clients, and a few of my own sites - including THIS site.
Get Away
Very nice and clean template suitable for blogs and photography.
Clean single page
This template has proved to be very versatile. Low weight, easy to repurpose.
Super simple
This thing barely qualifies as a template. It is about as basic as it gets. It's so simple it doesn't even need to be responsive.
Web 2.0
This is the very first truly responsive template I built.
Basic as it gets
This really is about as basic as it gets. It is responsive at least. The only reason we include this is because it IS a valid design.

The sites listed here do not represent everything. Please see the links below for actual live sites.

All of these sites are custome built, as per client needs, and they are all using our custom CMS in some manner.