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I rescue small businesses from code disasters.

I am the technical cofounder that your startup needs, but I'm not asking for half of your company.

I've built the technology stack for multiple startups from the ground up. I also have experience rescuing projects and turning a train wreck into a successful launch.

On top of the world

You need a world-class expert to help you build the best technologies for your business.


I've helped companies like yours save hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure costs.

Tell me what you need your technology to do for you, and I'll give you a free business technology evaluation. You can hire me to develop your project, or take it to another developer for a bid.

  1. Google penalizes web sites that load slowly. A typical page that takes just four seconds to load will be abandoned by 25% of your users. 79% of web shoppers who have trouble with site performance won't return to the site
  2. By the way, the software industry's dirty secret is that some of the popular technologies are appropriate for almost no business uses.

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