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Spiffy Modular Design

This has become a fairly typical design over the past couple of years. I've always liked how clean and well organized it looks. The layout is broken into two columns. On mobile devices, the entire right column moves to the bottom.

The Details button is really just for show. It will send you back to the Templates page.

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Something interesting can go here. For now it will just be a bunch of nonsense text with no actual direction other than to take up the space.

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Article: Bitcoing Mining. Is it worth it?
The short answer is "no". The long answer is that it's entirely too expensive. Unless you invest a lot of money in powerful hardware, you will never produce enough coin to cover your electric bill. And even then you may not hold a profit.

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Affordable Shared Host is a subsection of DPoisn LLC

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Also a bunch of nonsense. This is a plain text box, just like the one above it, only this one has no image in it.

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Modular design

This is only here because it looks neat. It is not really part of this design.

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